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Why do you have this here about Dom's Pizza?

While on the way home from shooting some photos up at SPAC for Q103, my stomach begin to grumble...
I planned to stop in Clifton Park to pick up something to eat at home.
Then it dawned on me, I could go to;
Taco Bell... naaa, not this late
Stop at the Diner and get a sandwich or something..... naa, diner food is and can be dry sometimes.
Drop by Applebees and grab some... naaa not in the mood for a crowd, just came away from over 12 thousand screaming fans!
Stop at TGI-Fridays and get a..... naa, if I sit down, I am asleep, I am beat
How do I stop this deep hunger?

Doms Pizza!! man I could go for my Bacon and Garlic pie (mouth started to water)
Ok, so I will call ahead, right? nope, do not have the phone number on me. So I decided to stop in and grab a pie to go!

I pulled into their parking lot, walked into the building and heard these dreaded words....
"Sorry, we are technically closed".
technically, I said
"well yeah, we just closed like 1 minute before you walked in through the door."
ok, no problem.. thanks, I said and turned to leave.
"well, what did you want? we do not have any slices left", they teased...
I was looking for my favorite Bacon and Garlic pie, large, well done, was the response I gave
"no problem, we'll make you one!".... came like the tune of an angel from the Heavens....
what??!!, no don;t you.. really??!! no seriously you don;t have to.. It's ok.. I'll go to..(big gulp) burger king or something....
"Bacon and Garlic, well done.... that sounds familiar, what's yer phone number?"
I gave them my home number and they looked it up
"yeah, you always order that from us, cool!, what brings you out this time of night"
So I proceeded to tell them about SPAC and the Q103 Q-Ruption event that I just finished taking photos for
chit chatting, they made my pie and put it in the oven

Now I am NOT saying that this happens all the time, but if you want a GREAT FRICKEN PIZZA
I strongly suggest going to Dons in Latham/Watervleit! Click on the image below to go to their website!

ok, now for the rest of the story...

GREAT people, honestly!
They must have taken pity on me for the way I looked or smelled, not sure which
Well, yeah, I was in charge of taking the photos of the crowds and of the Q-Tease
and while it was a tough job, someone HAD to do it!

The woman who made the pie, a living angel. She was my hero this night!
The guy behind the counter, well.... he was cool and friendly, but the meat cleaver look in his eyes was like "we just closed get the hell out of here!"
was enough to melt an ice cude in the winter at 20 paces!

No seriously (ok, I joked with them that I would put this up), but really great people.

I've had the pleasure to order other items from their menu (the wings are awesome and the boneless ones are the best!) over the last few years.
Everything was made to perfection and really awesome!

But.. you know me, I don't show favoritism in any way.. (BUY FROM DOMS, GREAT FRICKEN PIZZA and WINGS)

Well enough of this story.. hope you stop in or call them to place an order... tell them Caller12 sent you!
You'll probably hear them mumble under their breath "oh that dummy! made us stay open one night.. frickin pain in the...."
No seriously.. tell them! They were a LIFE Saver that night!! And I am not talking about candy either!

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